A biography on diophantus the father of algebra

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Diophantus of Alexandria

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History of mathematics

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Famous mathematicians

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Diophantus was a Hellenistic Greek (or possibly Egyptian, Jewish or even Chaldean) mathematician who lived in Alexandria during the 3rd Century CE. Leonardo Pisano, known to history as Fibonacci, studied the works of Kāmil and other Arabic mathematicians as a boy while accompanying his father’s trade mission to North Africa on behalf of the merchants of lemkoboxers.comsoon after his return to Italy, Fibonacci wrote.

Google: 'Biography Father of Algebra' comes up with many results, mostly regarding Diophantus, or al-khwarizimi, who was born some five hundred years.

Diophantus of Alexandria

Known for being the ‘father of algebra’, Diophantus was an eminent Alexandrian Greek mathematician. He wrote countless books on the subject of mathematics and the series of books were titled lemkoboxers.comunately, those books got perished over the centuries.

Diophantus, often known as the 'father of algebra', is best known for his Arithmetica, a work on the solution of algebraic equations and on the theory of numbers. However, essentially nothing is known of his life and there has been much debate regarding the date at which he lived.

Diophantus dealt. Diophantus is considered the father of algebra. He was the writer of 13 books called "Arithmetica," but only six of those books have survived to modern day. The books that Diophantus authored contain the earliest known use of syncopated notation.

An entire area of study is named after the Greek.

A biography on diophantus the father of algebra
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