A history of the modernization of russia starting in 1917 with the bolshevik revolution

Russian Revolution of 1917

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History of Soviet Russia and the Soviet Union (1917–27)

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Russian Revolution of 1917

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The Russian Revolution of began in St. Petersburg on Jan. 22 (Jan. 9, O.S.) when troops fired on a defenseless crowd of workers, who, led by a priest, were marching to the Winter Palace to petition Czar Nicholas II.

This "bloody Sunday" was followed in succeeding months by a series of strikes, riots, assassinations, naval mutinies, and. The overwhelming cause of the Russian Revolution of was the inefficiency and failure of the czarist regime in the World War I military effort.

This was exacerbated by corruption in the government and a scarcity of food that caused riots to break out first in the capital city of Petrograd and.

Lenin vs Stalin: Their Showdown Over the Birth of the USSR

The Bolshevik Revolution refers to the second revolution that occurred in Russia in October led by Lenin and the Bolshevik party. The revolution took place on Oct. 25,and involved Bolshevik troops seizing key locations in the Russian capital of Petrograd from the provisional government.

Nov 15,  · InRussia was swept by revolution. The February Revolution created a parliament and a written constitution, and scheduled free elections for the first time in Russian history. Vladmir Illyich Lenin (): On the Organization of and Extraordinary Commission to Fight Counter Revolution, Letter to Dzerzhinskii, December 19, [At Durham] The origins of the Cheka, NKVD, and KGB.

A history of the modernization of russia starting in 1917 with the bolshevik revolution
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