A research on the life of frances perkins

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Frances Perkins

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Aberdeen, Freedom from Fear:. Frances Perkins was secretary of labor for the 12 years of Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency and the first woman to hold a Cabinet post.

She brought to her office a deep commitment to improving the lives of workers and creating a legitimate role for labor unions in American society, succeeding. InFrances Perkins accepted a position as general secretary of the Philadelphia Research and Protective Association, a new organization whose goal was to thwart the diversion of newly arrived immigrant girls, including black women from the South, into prostitution.

Frances Perkins Center Mission Statement The Frances Perkins Center honors the legacy of Frances Perkins by sharing her commitment to the principle that government should provide all its people with the best possible life, and by preserving the place that shaped her character.

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Frances Perkins was born on April 10,in Boston, Massachusetts, of an upper middle-class Republican family. Her birth name was Fanny Coralie, which she later legally changed to Frances.

A research on the life of frances perkins

Her birth name was Fanny Coralie, which she later legally changed to Frances. This lesson will explore the life, accomplishments, and famous quotes of Frances Perkins. Youth & Education Born in Boston, Massachusetts, on April 10, was Fanny Coralie Perkins.

Frances Perkins A research on the life of frances perkins
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