Account of the life of jimmy braddock during the great depression in the film cinderella man

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James J. Braddock

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Game changer, bro.” Testosterone boosters sound like a solution, but they’re the worst of all. The movie "Cinderella Man" is James J. Braddock's life who is a great boxer and a father of a daughter and two sons and a strong man who lives in the Great Depression times.

Right before The Great Depression he earns lots of money such as more than dollars and he spends his money for his children and wife. Jul 17,  · In this process, I read a story about Jim Braddock, a depression era boxer whose story is portrayed in the movie “Cinderella Man.” Braddock lost everything during the Great Depression and was unable to provide for his family.

James Walter "Cinderella Man" Braddock (June 7, – November 29, ) was an American boxer who was the world heavyweight champion from to Fighting under the name James J. Braddock (ostensibly to follow the pattern set by two prior world boxing champions, James J.

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Corbett and James J. Jeffries), he was known for his powerful. Braddock was an inspiration to all downtrodden demoralized Americans during the Great Depression. The parallels between the ’s Great Depression and today’s Greater Depression are uncanny, despite the propaganda emitted by the establishment politicians, media and banking cabal that all is well.

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Account of the life of jimmy braddock during the great depression in the film cinderella man
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