An analysis of the edward snowden crisis on the surveillance of the government

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NSA surveillance exposed

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US lawmakers say Snowden was ‘helped’ by foreign power

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WikiLeaks: is it good for democracy or a hindrance to it?

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NSA whistleblower Snowden says U.S. government carrying out mass surveillance in Japan

Three years ago this month, Edward Snowden shocked the world with a series of disclosures that revealed a myriad of U.S. government-backed surveillance programs. Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y. -- In the aftermath of Edward Snowden’s controversial leaks that revealed widespread US surveillance and data gathering, researchers, scholars, lawyers, and privacy.

The global surveillance disclosure by Edward Snowden has shown that the intelligence-sharing activities between the First World allies of the Cold War are rapidly shifting into the digital realm of the Internet.

This was one of the first messages Edward Snowden wrote to filmmaker Laura Poitras beginning an exchange that helped expose the massive surveillance apparatus set up by the National Security Agency.

Months later, Poitras would meet Snowden for the first time in a Hong Kong hotel room. What we've learned about electronic eavesdropping from the Edward Snowden situation - E is for Ecuador, N is for Noforn and P is for Prism, a lexicon of surveillance.

A Crisis of Accountability A global analysis of the impact of the Snowden revelations The Waller episode appears symptomatic of the UK government’s post-Snowden mindset. The following month, A Crisis of accountability 8 This report arose, therefore, from a growing awareness that a more comprehensive assessment of the global response.

An analysis of the edward snowden crisis on the surveillance of the government
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