Children our the future

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Engineering the Perfect Baby

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Families Leading Change Day (Kids and Families Day Part II) Registration Open

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Our track record: 25 state policy victories (raising minimum wage,West Virginians have health care, child care saved for 12, families); healthy community teams trained and funded (farmers markets, walking trails, and more); + candidates trained; 26 student chapters across the state; and more than schools and congregations making a difference and helping to lead the.

The world is like a river of which we drink but our sins pollute the water And now the river is flooded so we must build and ark of faith and trust in divine providence. Affiliation Process The Membership year brings the challenge of achieving a record 35th straight year of membership growth for HOSA.

Get your Pudsey goodies. Take on your own challenge! The difference you make. February 26th, is officially being proclaimed by Governor Justice and the WV Legislature as Families Leading Change Day!! Join us for an educational day of celebrating parent and family leadership and advocacy in schools.

We repeatedly see sleep cycle issues in the children who come to our clinic. When we probe, we almost inevitably hear that they’re playing video games, using social media or watching TV for an extended period before they go to bed.

Children our the future
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Our Children Our Future :