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Andy Adams

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- In western literature, the American cowboy was often described as an individual with “mental vigor, such moral attitude, such executive equipment, and such universal genius as ought to serve as a beacon or headlight for the nations” ((()))).

The True American Cowboy As the twentieth century approached, America was experiencing a time of considerable expansion.

Literature of the American Cowboy Critical Essays

All eyes were looking for ways to make the United States a larger, more powerful, and more efficient country. The long cattle drives, and the almost mythological era of the American cowboy, had begun.

In fact, hundreds of men listed their occupation as “cowboy” on the U.S. Census (which you can search free on Ancestry).

Biography of Andy Adams Andy Adams (), American cowboy and author wrote The Log of a Cowboy: A Narrative of the Old Trail Days (); My worst trouble was getting away from home on the morning of starting.

In the mid 19th Century the American cowboy occupied a place sufficiently important to entitle him to a considerable share of public attention. His occupation was unique. In the exercise of his function he was always a man on horseback.

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His duty as a worker in the cattle business was, at times, to. Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads, one of the first widely distributed major collections of cowboy songs, was published in by collector John A. Lomax. A leading scholar in American folksong, Lomax began collecting ballads as a young man.

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