Level of awareness on the effects

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Lessons from Prevention Research

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Lessons from Prevention Research

p = ) was found between the level of awareness and the educational status of the respondents. These results can be supported by study conducted by Oruonye () which found that students in tertiary levels of education were more aware of climate change based on the question that asked whether the respondents had heard about climate change before.

The level of awareness on the scales of brain based learning did not show significant difference for most demographic variables. Only the teachers teaching science subjects showed more practice of brain based learning than teachers teaching arts subject. In conclusion,the respondents are not very aware of the other negative health effects of secondhand tobacco smoke.

The respondents’ educational attainment has significant influence on their level of awareness on the health effects of second hand tobacco smoke. The study explores the development of metalinguistic awareness at three different levels of explicit knowledge about language in monolingual children, and assesses the effects of a bilingual experience on this developmental process.

Low levels of health awareness were seen in females compared with males (Adjusted Odds Ratio (AOR);95% CIp.

Level of awareness on the effects
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