List all the promotional mix elements used in the pepsi refresh campaign

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4 Most Important Elements of Promotion Mix | Business Marketing

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Analysis of Pepsi Refresh Project PR campaign (R.O.P.E. Format)

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The steps of marketing communication used by PepsiCo are, identifying the target audience, determining the communication objectives, designing a message, choosing media, selecting the.

Sales promotion basically represents all marketing activities other than personal selling, advertising, and public relations.

Sales promotions are used to stimulate purchasing and sales and the objectives are to increase sales, inform potential customers about new products, and create a positive business or corporate image.

The Diet Pepsi campaign was hugely successful, with Pepsi-Cola rising to number one for pop sales in super-markets inwhen it was officially introduced. It was the first pop to market itself as a diet drink, which helped to make it such a big hit.

In this way PepsiCo should have continued their marketing of Pepsi carbonated beverages in a traditional manner and used the Refresh campaign as the main form of advertising for PepsiCo as a whole, making sure distinguish the two marketing.

Display the symbol of Pepsi in all the lowercase Pepsi logo in cans, bottles and multipakcs show up the new Pepsi Brand MarkOn the front of most of the new packages A reassuring tag line: "Same Pepsiinside, new look outside.

Its latest campaign, called Pepsi Refresh, represents a major departure from its old promotion efforts in two ways: (1) The message centers on a theme of social responsibility, and (2) The message is being delivered with a fat dose of social media.

List all the promotional mix elements used in the pepsi refresh campaign
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4 Most Important Elements of Promotion Mix | Business Marketing