The early life and times of nikolaus esterhzy

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Nikolaus Esterházy

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Nikolaus II, Prince Esterházy

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Nikolaus I, Prince Esterh topics

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CAVEFORS POSITION NR 1 / NYA SVARTA FANOR Perioden 1 november - 14 maj Bo Cavefors [email protected] Blogger. Life Nikolaus Esterházy was the son of Prince Joseph (József Simon Antal, –), and the younger brother of Prince Paul Anton (Pál Antal, –).

He took the title of.

Timeline: Franz Joseph Haydn

After Count Morzin had run into financial trouble and was forced to dismiss his musicians, Joseph Haydn quickly found a new employer in the person of Prince Esterházy. When Joseph Haydn began his service inthe small baroque town of Eisenstadt on the west bank of Lake Neusiedl was the permanent residence of Prince Esterházy.

Early life. Joseph Haydn was born in Rohrau, Austria, a village that at that time stood on the border with Hungary.

Nikolaus I, Prince Esterházy

His father wasMathias Haydn, a wheelwright who also served as “Marktrichter”, an office akin to village mayor. Nikolaus I, Prince Esterházy was a Hungarian prince, a member of the famous Esterházy family.

His building of palaces, extravagant clothing, and taste for opera and other grand musical productions led to his being given the title "the Magnificent".

He is remembered as. Nikolaus was also active in the musical life of Vienna. He was a member of the Gesellschaft der Associierten, an organization of aristocrats that played an important role in organizing concerts, [15] and also was one of the aristocratic subscribers to the first major published work of Ludwig van Beethoven, his Opus 1 piano trios.

The early life and times of nikolaus esterhzy
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