The effect of eli whitneys invention of the cotton gin on america

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Effects of the cotton gin

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The Effects of Eli Whitney on America

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Eli Whitney

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Cotton gin

With Eli Whitney's invention, cotton lint could be produced quickly and efficiently at up to 50 pounds per day. Plantation owners found they needed more slaves in the field to meet the increased ability of the gin. The effects of the cotton gin were:Southern planters began planting more cottonBy 10, bales of cotton were produced each was pounds each.

Feb 04,  · Watch video · InU.S.-born inventor Eli Whitney () patented the cotton gin, a machine that revolutionized the production of cotton by greatly speeding up the process of removing seeds from cotton.

Eli Whitney was an inventor, a man who strived for manufacturing success. When he created the cotton gin the poor guy did not even get credit for it, leaving every company to copy his model and create their own cotton gin.

ByAmerica was home to almost two million more slaves than before the invention of the cotton gin; There were hundreds of slaves per plantation. The cotton gin was used to quickly separate the seeds from the cotton ball, it could do the work of several men.

How did the Cotton Gin help the South? The Cotton Gin revolutionized the South by now producing more cotton and a higher demand for laborers in the field.

The effect of eli whitneys invention of the cotton gin on america
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