The effect of temperature on the rate of glycolysis in alcoholic fermentation

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1 Cellular Respiration in Yeast Adapted from “Alcoholic Fermentation in Yeast Investigation” in the School District of Philadelphia Biology Core Curriculum.

What temperature is optimal for alcoholic fermentation in yeast? Most sources agree on a range between 20 and 30 celsius.

How does temperature affect the rate of reaction?

20C is68F, 25C is 77F and 30C is 86F. Some claim that the lower end ofthe scale is better, some claim the upper to be better. Quantabio Resource Center. Download the most current documents for your Quantabio product. Use the search bar for a simple keyword search or apply product and material filters to limit search results.

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Measuring the Rate of Alcohol Fermentation in Yeast Cells

Investigate alcoholic fermentation in baker's yeast (saccaromyces cerevisiae) **how concentration of yeast will affect rate of fermentation.

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The effect of temperature on the rate of glycolysis in alcoholic fermentation
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The Effect of Temperature on the Anaerobic Respiration of Yeast -