The effectiveness of guantanamo bay detention

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Guantánamo Bay files: Torture gets results, US military insists

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The US Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba is operated by the Joint Task Force Guantanamo of the American Armed Force with the primary purpose of acting as a detention facility for "terrorist suspects" captured in the US War on Terror, particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Guantanamo Bay detention camp

GUANTÁNAMO: A DECADE OF DAMAGE TO HUMAN RIGHTS at the US Naval Base at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba on 11 January A decade on, it can seem as if this ill-begotten prison was conceived and born in the blink of an eye.

USA: Guantánamo – A decade of damage to human rights. This week, nearly a million Republicans across Colorado will get ballots in the mail for the big U.S.

Enhanced interrogation techniques

Senate primary. Voters will choose which conservative is best equipped to beat incumbent. The Effectiveness of Guantanamo Bay Detention Center in Reducing Recidivism Jason Everson Criminal Justice Department University of Cincinnati INTRODUCTION Guantanamo Bay is the oldest and most infamous American overseas detention facility.

Inthe facility started housing enemy combatants and terrorist, even after being .

The effectiveness of guantanamo bay detention
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