The genocidal megalomaniac

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What is Megalomania?

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Hillary Clinton “Thinks She Is a God”

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The Dweller Beneath

We, along with our allies in the USA, saved Europe from becoming an undemocratic, all powerful, megalomaniac run Empire. But what have we got now? Those men and women were promised a land fit for heroes.

But after Batman discovers that she is the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul (genocidal megalomaniac warlord) any trust that had grown between Bruce and Talia became suspect.

As the custom of many different ancient cultures (Ra’s being several hundred years old made him a bit of a stickler for tradition) he chose Talia’s mate for her.

Alexander 18

Mar 14,  · We’ve all been there. Every nation has skeletons. History is a sorry roll-call of atrocities, as genocidal young men gave free reign to their darkest urges. Apr 15,  · Or do you think Iraq's rather sorry state has nothing to do with a quarter-century of rule by a genocidal, sectarian megalomaniac whose last decade in power was spent trying to fuse Ba'athism and Salafism?

Feb 06,  · FICTIONAL tropes that make you grind your teeth. Discussion in 'Space Battles Main' started by Skyzeta, Mar 22, thing you install and update regularly and have a million different backups just in case the AI becomes a self-aware genocidal megalomaniac Vinylshadow, Feb 6.

0 Common Sense & Logic VS Christianity. God, particularly as depicted in the Old Testament, is a vengeful, genocidal, pestilential megalomaniac who does not act morally. Furthermore his restrictions on such things as sexual behaviour, abortion and euthanasia are undermining of human autonomy.

The genocidal megalomaniac
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