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Little Gidding

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The life and times of Nicholas Ferrar

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It is fen country, it is the sky that you notice, and frankly there is precious little else to see in Little. Nicholas Ferrar was one of the more interesting figures in English history. His family was quite wealthy and were heavily involved in the Virginia Company, which had a Royal Charter for the plantation of Virginia.

The interesting life of the poet George Herbert George Herbert () was one of the greatest poets of the seventeenth century, one of the greatest devotional poets in the English language, and one of a group that Samuel Johnson identified as the ‘Metaphysical poets’.

Yet his poems almost died with him inand it. George Herbert, Nicholas Ferrar, and the "Pious Works" of Little Gidding Joyce Ransome George Herbert put his stamp on the life of Little Gidding in a number of significant ways.

George Herbert Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. Grouped somewhere within the era of Milton Southard and William Shakespeare, The Temple was later published in with the help of Nicholas Ferrar.

Before the beginning of the s, The Temple was spotted with a different collection. 92 Nicholas Ferrar (–) was the founder of a religious community at Little Gidding, Huntingdonshire, England, which existed from to

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