The life and death of lizzie andrew borden

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Lizzie Borden

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Lizzie Borden

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Lizzie Andrew Borden was born in Fall River, Massachusetts to Andrew Jackson Borden, a wealthy and successful property developer and Sarah Borden, who died after her birth. After three years of her mother’s death, Andrew Borden remarried Abby Durfee Gray. Lizzie Andrew Borden was born in the small town of Fall River in ; his father, Andrew Jackson Borden, was a businessman from the area with several properties in the village.

His mother, Sarah Anthony Morse, died inand two years later Andrew Borden remarried Abby Durfee Gray. Lizzie Andrew Borden was born on July 19,in the fall in River Massachusetts to Sarah and Andrew Borden.

Soon after that, her mother Sarah Borden died when Lizzie was. Andrew was no stranger to death. Previous to this career choice and for the rest of his life, those nearest and dearest to him died at an alarming rate.

These facts may be alarming to my generation, but maybe more expected than not in Andrew’s day and time. Lizzie Borden was born as Lizzie Andrew Borden on 19th July in Fall River, Massachusetts United States. She belongs to white ethnicity & holds an American nationality.

Borden was born to Andrew Jackson Borden, a wealthy & successful property developer and Sarah Borden, who died after her birth. Lizzie Borden was born in and lived her life in Fall River, Massachusetts. Her father was Andrew Jackson Borden, and her mother, Sarah Anthony Morse Borden, died when Lizzie was less than three years old.

The life and death of lizzie andrew borden
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Lizzie Borden Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline