The life and influence of the greatest military leaders of all times napoleon bonaparte

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Napoleon: A Life

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Watch video · Napoleon Bonaparte, the first emperor of France, is regarded as one of the greatest military leaders in the history of the West.

George Washington

Learn more at Birth and education. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Casa Buonaparte in the town of Ajaccio, Corsica, on the 15th of August This was one year after the island was given to France by the Republic of Genoa.

He was the second of eight children. Napoleon was born the same year the Republic of Genoa, a former commune of Italy, transferred Corsica to France. The state sold sovereign rights a year before his birth inand the island was conquered by France during the year of his birth and formally incorporated as a province inafter years under nominal Genoese rule and 14 years of independence.

Napoleon Bonaparte: A military life – one of the most successful generals in military history

Oct 02,  · Read by John Lee. ~33hours Description: Austerlitz, Borodino, Waterloo: his battles are among the greatest in history, but Napoleon Bonaparte was far more than a military genius and astute leader of George Washington and his own hero Julius Caesar, he was one of the greatest soldier-statesmen of all times.

The definitive biography of the great soldier-statesman by the acclaimed author of The Storm of War—winner of the LA Times Book prize, finalist for the Plutarch prize, winner of the Fondation Napoleon prize and a New York Times bestseller “A thrilling tale of military and political genius Roberts is an uncommonly gifted writer.”.

Napoleon Bonaparte was thought to be one of the greatest if not the greatest military leader of all time.

French Revolutionary Wars

Even after he died his laws and the mark he left in Europe lived on this shows the power and strategy only Napoleon had that no other military leader has.

The life and influence of the greatest military leaders of all times napoleon bonaparte
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