The life and musical contributions of adam de la halle

Adam de la Halle

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Adam De La Halle: Adam De La Halle, poet, musician, and innovator of the earliest French secular theatre. Adam’s Jeu de la feuillée (“Play of the Greensward”) is a satirical fantasy based on his own life, written to amuse his friends in Arras upon his departure for Paris to pursue his studies.

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Adam De La Halle

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Exactly what I needed. - Jenna Kraig, student @ UCLA. His nephew Jehanes Mados in mentions his uncle's recent death in Italy, but a "maistre Adam le Boscu" was hired for Edward II's coronation in View the Wikipedia article on Adam de la Halle. Also Adam e la Hale, and Adam le Bossu (the hunchback), and Adam d’Arras.

Adam de la Halle is probably the most famous of the French trouvère composers and poets. (For more on the difference between troubadours and trouvères, see Composer Biography: Marcabru.) He was one of the last of the trouvères, and one of.

De la Halle was the composer of the medieval morality play Le Jeu de Robin et Marian, the principal secular work of the 13th century. Sadly, for a poet and musician of such versatility and prowess, not a single piece of datable documentation for his life survives. The form of his name (and later.

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The life and musical contributions of adam de la halle
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