The life and works of johannes vermeer

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Johannes Vermeer

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Johannes Vermeer or Jan Vermeer (baptized October 31,died at the age of 43, December 15, ) was a Dutch Baroque painter who specialized in domestic interior scenes of ordinary life. His entire life was spent in the town of Delft. Johannes Vermeer and his paintings A renowned Dutch artist during the Golden Age era, Johannes Vermeer made a name for himself from his famous works including the View of Delft and Little Street.

Perhaps, these were all because of the fact that he was born in Delft, in the Netherlands.

List of paintings by Johannes Vermeer

Johannes Vermeer was born in the city of Delft in the Netherlands and after a few days he was baptised in the Reformed Church on October 31, His father, Reynier Janszoon, was a. Johannes Vermeer, also known as Jan, was born into Reijnier Janszoon and his wife Digna Baltus, in Delft, Dutch Republic.

He was baptized as a Reformed Christian on October 31 of the same Catharina Bolnes. Jan Vermeer was born circa October 31,in Delft, Netherlands. Injoined the Delft painter’s guild.

He served as its dean from to '63, and again from to ' The complete online catalogue of Johannes Vermeer's painting with critical assessements, background history and high_resolution images There are thirty-four paintings which modern scholars overwhelmingly agree should be attributed to Johannes Vermeer of Delft.

Three works are included in this catalogue which have not Vermeer's Life.

Johannes Vermeer and his paintings The life and works of johannes vermeer
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Johannes Vermeer – Oil Paintings