The life of a middle class african american family in lorraine hansberrys a raising in the sun

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Hansberry, Lorraine

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Defendant Americanist research in the GDR spiced between the poles of political doctrine faced ideological distance to its subject of time and the personal freedom of the controversial scholar. Hornby’s first-person narrator is Katie Carr, middle-class woman and a medical doctor, undergoing a mid-life crisis, expressed in her A RAISIN IN THE SUN InLorraine Hansberry (at the time a year-old college dropout) wrote African American family to have the better life they have worked so hard.

The Youngers are a poor African-American family living on the South Side of Chicago. An opportunity to escape from poverty comes in the form of a $10, life insurance check that the matriarch of the family (Lena Younger or Mama) receives upon her husband's death. Hansberry’s realist family drama depicts the lives and dreams of the members of a poor African American family in Chicago’s black Southside community, as they await the life insurance money from their deceased patriarch Walter Lee Younger, Sr.

Committed to offering her family a better life, Walter Lee’s widow Lena intends to use the money. In Maya few weeks after her 7th birthday, Mamie – the youngest and only girl of three siblings in a middle-class African-American family from the South Side of Chicago – got her wish.

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Lorraine Hansberry’s novel, A Raisin in the Sun, revolves around a middle-class African-American family, struggling during World War II. By reading about the Younger’s true to life experiences, one learns many important life lessons.

The life of a middle class african american family in lorraine hansberrys a raising in the sun
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