The polish labor union solidarity

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Polish workers general strike for economic rights, 1980

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The Etymology of Solidarity in Poland.


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At the Lenin Shipyard:. This marks the day in when the Polish labor union Solidarnosc (Solidarity) was formed at the Lenin Shipyards in Gdansk.

Under the leadership of Lech Walesa, an electrician at the shipyard, 17, workers had staged a strike earlier in the year to protest rising food prices.

Polish workers from the international trade union movement, especially the ICFTU, the AFL- CIO’s immediate willingness to raise funds on Solidarity’s behalf and its rejection of the timid policy of the Carter administration was a particularly important signal.

Polish labor union Solidarity and a close friend of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Lech Walesa. We discussed a subject of great interest to me, the situation in Poland. I told Mr. Milewski of my high hopes that the amnesty declared in July would represent a giant.

The Polish city where solidarity was founded was Gdansk Share to: Which leader was responsible for heading up the Solidarity labor movement that achieved radical reforms in Poland during the early. On August 31,the trade union Solidarity was founded at the Lenin Shipyards in Gdansk, Poland.

The Solidarity movement helped lead to the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. The Polish Solidarity Movement was started by Lech Walesa in the ’s. He was concerned with how unfair the workers in the shipyards were treated. Walesa started strikes in the shipyard and because popular among workers and gained their support.

He started the first non-communist party in Poland.

The polish labor union solidarity
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