The propaganda of nato and the united states about kosovo

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Russia, NATO, and the United States

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Kosovo War

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Kosovo’s “Independence”: Dilemmas Of NATO’s Aggression In 1999

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NATO-Russia relations: the facts

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Google Scholar Goff, Peter (ed.) () The Kosovo News and Propaganda War.

“Socialists” Supporting NATO and U.S. Empire

Apr 02,  · NATO launched a bombing campaign against Serbia in March to stop an onslaught ordered by then-President Slobodan Milosevic against the Albanian Muslim Terrorists in Kosovo. War against war propaganda. In Kosovo, NATO bombs inadvertently hit a group of Albanian refugees, killing an estimated 80 people.

The United States and most of the EU member states. Sep 05,  · Another example of false propaganda is the discussion of the chemical weapons attack that took place on August 21, in outer Damascus.

Ashley Smith does not criticize the NATO and Gulf states that are violating international law and the UN charter by funding and supplying a proxy army to attack Syria.

you know the. Kosovo Liberation Army, (KLA) acknowledge that the ultimate goal of the KLA marketing campaign was for NATO military intervention against Serbia, independence for Kosovo Albanians, and the re-establishment of a Greater Albania.(See map 2).

NATO’s operation over Kosovo was illegitimate NATO claim: The NATO operation for Kosovo followed over a year of intense efforts by the UN and the Contact Group, of which Russia was a member, to bring about a peaceful solution.

The US War on Yugoslavia: Ten Years Later The propaganda of nato and the united states about kosovo
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Kosovo’s “Independence”: Dilemmas Of NATO’s Aggression In |