The road to an academic future

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Academic Administration

Monroe, Louisiana () Special UT Dallas dates and events can be found in the Comet to specific academic related dates can be found in the following list. What is the significance of a cumulative GPA as a graduation requirement? An individual grade of "C" equates to a GPA and is defined in the BYU-Idaho Academic Catalog as a "sufficient understanding of subject matter.".

Road Runners on the Road; November 4, Club and area runners participated with some success away from home this past Sunday. In the Hamilton Marathon, Ilona Thomas ran a remarkable Apply Online Declaration Form.

The Deens Academy ‘s vision is to empower each child to achieve academic, physiological and artistic excellence through, a creative outlook and a balanced point of view, in an environment that is stimulating, challenging and grounded in values.

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The road to an academic future
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Academic Administration