The social realism of the film submarine directed by richard ayonade

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The Double — New Full Trailer

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Only the second film from director Richard Ayoade, The Double is the beloved indie darling’s take on a rather influential novella of the same name from literary juggernaut Fyodor Dostoyevsky and finds the Submarine helmer teaming up with Avi Korine (yes, of that lineage) for what may be the year’s (or at the very least this summer film.

May 02,  · I hadn’t been aware that he has directed videos for several leading bands, including the Arctic Monkeys – which presumably explains the raft of Alex Turner songs on the soundtrack for Submarine.

The film offers direct references to the ‘authorial influences’ on display – J. D. Salinger, Serge Gainsbourg, Woody Allen etc. The Grip of Film [] AUTHOR: Richard Ayoade is a writer and director. In addition to directing and co-writing Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, he has adapted and directed Joe Dunthorne's novel Submarine for the screen, and is the co-writer (with Avi Korine) and director of the film, The Double.

Richard Ayoade Richard Ayoade is an English comedian, actor, writer and director who was born in He has directed films such as Submarine and The. The latest trailer for Richard Ayoade The Double has been released – watch it below.

The film, which is The IT Crowd actor’s second film as writer-director, is a dark comedy based on a novella. Directed by The It Crowd actor Richard Ayoade, Submarine follows the exploits of year old Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts) as he spends the year in his Welsh home town trying to come to terms with life behind the social exclusion he finds himself in.

The social realism of the film submarine directed by richard ayonade
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