The speech of polly baker

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The Speech of Polly Baker

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The Speech of Miss Polly Baker

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The case of Polly Baker attracted widespread popular sympathy and provoked outrage at the injustice of the penal system. Dissemination of the Story Polly Baker’s speech was first printed in a London paper, the General Advertiser, on April 15, The Speech of Polly Baker Preface.

Ben Franklin: The Speech Of Miss Polly Baker

The speech of Polly Baker, before a Court of Judicature, at Connecticut near Boston in New England; where she was prosecuted the Fifth Time, for having a Bastard Child: Which influenced the Court to dispense with her Punishment, and induced one of her Judges to marry her the next day.

The Speech of Miss Polly Baker is a fictional piece written by Ben Franklin, which represents a court case of a woman name Polly Baker. The exact date of when this speech was written is still not known, but it was likely to be written in Literacy Response: The Speech of Miss Polly Baker Benjamin Franklin creates this powerful and intelligent character in the fiction story, The Speech of Miss Polly Baker.

At the beginning, Polly Baker starts out humbly in response to being accused of giving birth to a bastard child for the fifth time.

The Speech of Miss Polly Baker 1747

The Speech of Miss Polly Baker Printed in The General Advertiser, April 15, When Franklin wrote The Speech of Miss Polly Baker is not now known, though is a likely date. 5 How a copy found its way to London is also a matter for speculation.

• The outlandish result of Polly’s marriage is what tells the audience from the beginning that Franklin’s piece is satirical.

The Speech of Polly Baker

WRITE – QUESTION 1 • Comment on a place in the essay where you begin to believe that the piece is not really a speech by Miss Polly Baker. Explain why.

The speech of polly baker
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The Speech of Polly Baker