The supply chain operations management of retailers

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Supply-chain management

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Retail: Supply chain management services

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Supply Chain Management Software

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Finding software can be overwhelming. We've helped thousands of businesses choose the right supply chain management software so they can manage supply chain operations and improve planning.

In general, although the physical store (retailer) and the online store (e-retailer) have some similar functions such as the product search and the customer service, it still has some differences within its supply chain operations which contain the inventory management, the aggregate planning, the supplier relationship and the product delivery.

There has been consensus that logistics as well as supply chain management is a vital research field, yet with few literature reviews on this topic.

13 Ways to Improve Your Supply Chain Management

This paper sets out to propose some hot issues in the current research, through a review of related literature from the perspective of operations management. In addition, we generate some insights and future research directions in this field.

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The supply chain operations management of retailers
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Supply Chain Management: Distribution Options for Retailers