The test of remoteness in the

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Causation in English law

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Hadley v Baxendale damages test is still the norm

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The Slate Industry of North and Mid Wales. On this website you can read an outline history of the Welsh slate industry, discover details of quarrying methods, follow the routes of old railways and tramways, find out how inclines worked, see examples of remains and.

Energy company orders a lightweight, compact, hydraulically driven, high pressure chemical injection package. November This pump package is designed for use in a Zone 2 hazardous environment on the deck of an offshore service vessel and offshore platforms. Following the Wagon Mound no 1 the test for remoteness of damage is that damage must be of a kind which was foreseeable.

Once damage is of a kind that is foreseeable the defendant is liable for the full extent of the damage no matter whether the extent of the damage is foreseeable. This test, as Horsey and Rackley go on to observe, did indeed ultimately become the sovereign principle in this field on the question of remoteness of damage in the tort of negligence.

The test of remoteness in the
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