The unfair treatment of the childless employees due to family friendly corporate policies

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Why SHOULD childless women like us do longer hours to cover for working mothers?

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How to Deal With Unequal Treatment in the Workplace

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On the family-friendly front, the company will reimburse up to $ per child each month for workers who participate in the Child Care Plus program. Employees who decide to adopt a child are. 10% of employees are taking care of both children and aging parents. With these statistics, it is clear that a large number of employees are either currently or potentially affected by employers who discriminate due to an employee's family responsibilities.

As employers have recognized the significance of employees' need to manage conflicts between their work and family roles many have added "family-friendly" benefits to their employee benefits. These benefits include family leave policies and child care. As the proportion of single and childless workers increases, so do complaints of unfairness in employers’ benefits and policies.

Single employees’ inner resentment about married peers. Parental leave and flex time policies For a long time now, our society has held the assumption that parents and children come first. This has resulted in inequitable policies in the workplace.

The Brutal Truth About Being Childless at Work. Others are in a relationship and childless due to fertility issues. flex-time policies also need to reflect consistent treatment of all.

The unfair treatment of the childless employees due to family friendly corporate policies
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