The value of a name in the language of oppression by haig bosmajian

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The Value of a Name

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Haig Bosmajian, a University of Washington professor emeritus of communications, said that when he researched his book "The Language of Oppression" in the s, "minority" accurately described blacks and other relatively small ethnic groups. "But by 'minority' today we mean a. Language of Oppression Bosmajian, Haig A.

Lanham, MD: University Press of America, Bosmajian examines the effect of the use of language in order to define power rela. Introduction from The Language of Oppression (1) - Bosmajian was honored in with the George Orwell Award from the National Council of Teachers of English for his book The Language of Oppression, which explores the oppressive languages of anti-Semitism, White racism, Native-American derision, sexism, and war.

In Haig Bosmajian's essay, "The Language of Oppression," he speaks of the value of a name.

The Value of a Name

"To receive a name is to be elevated to the status of a human being; without a name one's identity is questionable." A human being is defined by his name. Without a name no one kno.

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The value of a name in the language of oppression by haig bosmajian
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