Theories of the origin of filipinos

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History of the Philippines

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The Philippines was a colony underSpanish rule for more than years Share to: Theories of origin of first filipinos? they originated from spain. hahahaha polshit! said true israelites,, philipino haplogroup O isrealits are j1a3c and they are.

Theories on the origin of the filipinos 1. Theories on the Origin of the Filipinos 2. Theories on the origin of the filipinos 1.

Theories on the Origin of the Filipinos 2.

Theories on the origin of the filipinos

Filipinos (Filipino: Mga Pilipino) are the people who are native to, or identified with the country of the Philippines. Filipinos come from various ethnolinguistic groups that are native to the island country. Currently, there are more than ethnolinguistic groups. Theories on the Origin of the Filipino People Cave Man Homosapiens Dr.

Henry Otley Beyer Java Man Negritos Negritos Indones Malay. Full transcript. More presentations by Angelica Timbang Concepts of State & Government. The Filipino People.


Copy of Ekonomiks. Report. A. Language Ancient Filipinos were basically Malayan in culture, thus their written language can be traced in the Astronesian origin.

More than languages and dialects in the Philippines Major dialects: Tagalog, Iloko, Pangasinan, Pampangan, Sugbuhanon, Hiligaynon, Samarnon, Magindanao Fr.

Prehistory of the Philippines

Pedro Chirino – Spanish Jesuit missionary, worked closely.

Theories of the origin of filipinos
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