Understanding the life psychological diagnosis and treatment of dorothea puente

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Dorothea Puente January 9, – March 27, Dorothea ran a care home throughout the s where she killed mentally disabled and elderly residents, and cashed in their social security cheques for her own financial gain (Ellis & Wolinsky, ).

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The Life and Deaths of Dorothea Puente

Part I: Case Summary While knowing the details of Dorothea Puente’s childhood may be relevant to understanding her psychological diagnosis, it is not necessary to understanding the case that landed her in jail.

After serving time briefly in jail for forgery, Puente opened up a boarding hous. We have all heard of mister good guy. Any serial killer can be mister good guy.

One convicted serial killer actually helped a woman escape from another attacker when he saw her being abducted. Dorothea Puente, convicted serial killer, was known to give money to charity while she poisoned and buried her boarders.

Dorothea Helen Gray “Dorothea Puente” Serial killer researched by Brad Johnson, David Haulsee, Angela Osborne, Kristen Intellini, & Ashley Amos Department of Psychology Radford University Radford, VA Date Age Life Event 12/ 64 Dorothea Puente was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of .

Understanding the life psychological diagnosis and treatment of dorothea puente
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