Why were the fascists able to

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Italian Fascism

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Anti-fascists must face the present with honesty and imagination

Reiterated German attacks split the front in two, half the 16th Army from the 30th. Get an answer for 'How were Fascist dictators able to rise to power in Italy, Germany, and the Soviet Union following WWI and helping to cause WWII?

' and find homework help for other World War II. Jun 14,  · "There were those who said: 'Bash the fascists wherever you see them'. Others among us asked ourselves: How was Mosley able to recruit Stepney workers? This, in spite of our propaganda exposing the fascists.

If they saw in the fascists the answer to their problems, why? What were the problems? Did we, in our propaganda. Sep 07,  · Why were Fascist leaders able to come to power in the s and s?

Propaganda agencies would fill the citizens'heads with lies about how wonderful the Fascists were. Majorcorporations were. The Fascists thought Italy was destined to recapture the glory of Rome. In the elections of May35 fascists, including Mussolini, were elected to the Chamber of Deputies, representing aboutofficial party members.

Three men from central Illinois were arrested this week for targeting a mosque and women's health clinic, but the story received little attention. Mussolini's government system favored the wealthy and industrial leaders. An increase in production was at the expense of the workers, for their wages were kept low.

According to the fascists, the state was all-important, and the individual was unimportant.

Why were the fascists able to
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